Meet our Missionaries

32Juan & Angela Wagenveld direct Multiplication Network Ministries, which trains national leaders in South America and India to multiply new believers.
Their mission statement is “More Churches. Stronger Churches.”
Lloyd & Annah N’Gambi are Zambian nationals who work with the Presbyterian Churches of Zambia. Lloyd developed a relationship with Community Church during his years as a student at Kuyper College. In Zambia, he trains youth and young adults to make a difference for Christ within their communities.
35Eric & Penny Schering work with Pacific Island Ministry in Papua New Guinea. Based in Ambunti, Eric writes curriculum and trains pastors and teachers. Scherings lived in DeMotte for several years. Their 5 children and 6 grandchildren live in the midwest.
Kyle Beckrich serves through an organization called “Campus Outreach” in Evansville on the campus of USI. Through relationships, weekly evangelical meetings and discipleship groups, God is using Kyle, along with his wife Jen, to lead many students to Christ. These students are being trained and equipped to do the same for others! Please pray that this movement toward God on the campus of USI continues and grows through Kyle’s work.
Mbala, Zambia is home to more than 60 children who are sponsored by families at Community Church. Through World Vision child sponsorship and community development, the village now has clean water, schools, micro business opportunities, and health care. Call the office if you’d like to get involved by sponsoring a child!
Calvin and Jessica Wunderink are in Prague, Czech Republic, serving as missionary teachers at the Christian International School of Prague. Many of you may know Calvin as Don and Mae Wunderink’s son. He and his wife Jessica, who is from Omaha, have now been in Prague for about 5 months. Calvin is teaching Math, Physics and Computer classes. He also is the small group leader for 7th and 8th grade boys. Jessica is helping the school in many ways, from working with 5th grade, to sewing for the school play, and teaching a film class.
Steve and Frankie Wunderink live in Egypt, serving in many areas:
• Networking people and services together for support and encouragement
• Teaching pastors English for advanced degrees
• Networking Egyptian leaders from around the world for support and encouragement
• Encouraging pastors through visiting, prayer times, and seminars
• Teaching pastors about their heritage in Ancient Egypt to build an appreciation and self image.
• Leading tours and vision trips to broaden the knowledge of the western church of Ancient Egypt, the Bible, and the minority church here.
• Supporting local International English churches.
• Hospitality and counseling for other workers in the area